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Wood Frame Waterbed Floor Model Discounts

On Special

  Please compare prices regarding Wood-Frame Padded Rails on this website.
We are 50% less expensive than any Waterbed dealer in the USA!!!! 

1 Queen Size Oak Waterbed

Waterbeds Minnesota had the pleasure to sell Tom Carbone, (my last sale to him out of many items sold to him throughout the years), this Queen-size Oak Waterbed, just 2 years ago. Tom has since passed away but left us a legend in making excellent pizzas!!!

Queen Oak Waterbed Queen Oak Waterbed

The family estate has asked me to sell this mid-wall Queen-size Oak Waterbed, as shown in extremely great shape, to the public --they ask only $900 as shown, including the jumbo padded rails.

Please compare the price with large drawers included, with any waterbed store in the USA, for no less than $3000...this is a steal!!!

This entire  Queen-size Waterbed is available  for viewing/and/or pickup at our St. Paul MN warehouse  location. 

Please contact me if you are interested at 651-776-1324.

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